About Kilgrimol Residential Centre

The story so far

Early 1960’s – 6th Lytham St. Annes Scout Troop acquired the site. It was used by the Guides as a venue for practising camping and pioneering skills.

Early 1980’s – The site was bought by Kilgrimol District Guide Association from the Scouts. It was seen as an opportunity to provide a non-church affiliated base.

1984 – The current building was erected with the support of a great from Lancashire County Council Youth Committee and gifted bunk beds.

2008 – The centre and neighbouring properties were badly flooded. Fortunately, we were well insured and the building was repaired and contents replaced. Subsequently, there have been repeated floods, albeit not of the same severity but they have necessitated a lot of hard work from volunteers.

2015 – The Management Committee took the decision to build a new centre fit for the 21st century and the needs of today’s girls and changing legislation. The plans address the drainage problems, which should also help neighbouring properties.